Sunday, April 19, 2009

Just a Second!

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How many times do we say or hear those words, "Just a second?" It doesn't seem like a long time does it? However, some photos show us that a lot can happen in one second. Further, though, life so often shows us that those seconds can be hard to come by and more precious than we realize.

In this case a small carnival had set up about 2 miles from our house and I had passed by several times and thought that there might a photo op there. I had envisioned a shot much like this one where all of the lights would blend in a swirl and twirl of color. As I had driven past it earlier in the day and as I drove to the site that evening I had the shots all planned out in my head. This was the one I really wanted.

I knew it would be a snap (pardon the pun). It would a simple thing to park, set up, take the shot and head back to the house. In and out in just a few minutes. Nope. Not so simple.

I hadn't considered that the Ferris wheel and the tilt-a-whirl would not often be running/rotating at the same time. Further, I hadn't factored in the situation that the tilt-a-whirl was elevated only a few seconds of each ride. Then of course there are the people passing around the camera and through the scene to contend with. You see how the variables can stack up. Like the planets, they all have to be in alignment.

By the time I had FINALLY captured the shot I had envisioned, I had spent over an hour for that 1-second exposure.

Just a second? I don't think so. - - Worth the time? You have to decide.

(For a few more shots from this little carnival visit my flickr site by clicking on the image above.)

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