Wednesday, September 10, 2008

Dawn's Early Light (Serendipity)

Well, I was in my home town of Ashland, MS, and was out early photographing an old house in the dawn light. As I was finishing up with shots of the house and lawn I turned and saw the sunlight striking this decorative well covered with vines and festooned with a small American flag.

Sometimes luck is more important than planning (but not often). And to be honest, had I not planned to be on site for the dawn light I wouldn't have "lucked" into this shot.

For those of you who might have spotted the figurine hidden by some of the vines and part of the flag, please read nothing more than "decoration" into the placement. There is no social or racial statement at work here. The people who own the house do not have any racial prejudices that I have ever witnessed.

Image © 2008 Bill Webb, All Rights Reserved
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